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What is PBIS?

PBIS is a framework or approach comprised of intervention practices and organizational systems for establishing positive social culture, learning and teacher environments, and individual behavior supports needed to achieve academic and social success for all students. Schools that implement PBIS focus on taking a team-based, systematic approach, and teaching appropriate behaviors to all students in the school.  

    Schools are discovering that PBIS:  
  • Helps to create a positive school climate.
  • Addresses the behavioral needs of all students with proven, easy to implement strategies.
  • Allows the school to create the “right fit” for them, so that practices are appropriate to the context and sustainable over time.
  • Results in increased time for instruction and fewer disciplinary incidents.
  • Is viable and does not have to overwhelm staff given the limited time and resources that schools are experiences.  
At a PBIS school, we have incorporated a few simple practices that are crucial to sustaining this program over time.
  • We have established a representative, school-based PBIS leadership team with strong administrative presence and support.  Our PBIS leadership team uses the framework of PBIS to design our school’s unique set of practices. 
  • Our school has established a system for using behavioral data to determine the effectiveness of our system.
  • We have a PBIS Leadership class where students design lesson plans, brainstorm rewards, advertise activities, and much more! To learn more about this amazing class visit, PBIS Leadership Class Webpage.
    The purpose of these teams is to focus on developing and providing a clear system for all expected behaviors at Lewis Middle School. The school-based team meets monthly and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.     

    Daniel E. Lewis Middle School
    Behavior Expectations     

    A Leopard takes pride in its SPOTS!
         Success (Strive for excellence)
         Positive Attitude (looking on the bright side)
         Ownership (Taking Responsibility for your actions)
         Teamwork (others before yourself)
         Safety Minded (Be aware of your surroundings)

PBIS Highlights